Post: 10/11/2022, 23:26
Relaxing games

Do any of y'all have games that you play purely just because it keeps you relaxed? Something chill, untimed and generally just a task to keep your mind occupied without raising up the adrenaline?

For me, one of those games is definitely BeamNG.Drive. I know that may sound silly: "Light, a physics based car racing game?" but honestly, yeah! I tend to either just jump into free roam and drive something cool, or quite often I'll fire up one of the bus routes and drive around in traffic dropping imaginary folk where they need to be. Call me geeky but I've always had a soft spot for public transport, be it trains, busses or trams - so getting to drive these in video games is super fun for me!

Anyway, I've honestly not been doing all too well mentally recently, so it's nice sometimes just to sit back with a cup of tea and do a bit of laid back bus driving. It really helps me relax a bit.

Got any games you want to suggest as something to chill with? Please let me know! I always love finding new stuff and chatting about ways to relax.

Post: 09/11/2022, 10:30
About that Twitter thing

So, I'm actually a little sad about whats happening with Twitter, not going to lie to you all. A few years ago I decided to pick a single social media platform to call home, and despite its flaws, Twitter was the best of the bunch.

Through that site I've met some amazing people, discovered awesome things, and even found meets and places that have become so very dear to me. So to see the place fall into disarray and perhaps need to leave all that behind is quite saddening.

All this said, no, I'm not leaving Twitter.. yet. I don't want to loose those connections, but I'd be lying if I didn't say my general mood and mental health has improved since backing away a little from there. I am going to be significantly reducing my usage of the platform.

So, if you want to say hi or (for some bizare reason) want to keep up with what I'm doing, your best bet is to either catch me on Discord, Telegram, or here. Love y'all!

Post: 06/11/2022, 13:13
An unexpected adventure!

So, today was pretty interesting, I find myself waking up somewhere I had no expectation of staying, looking out of the window over a rather sleepy Sheffield!

I got invited to a day out at Meadowhall with a friend yesterday, it was a very fun trip (complete with some purchases, of course!). Unfortunately public transport in England was not at its best yesterday, and as I hail from Nottingham, this meant needing to book a coach for my return journey, this would unfortunately be one that ended up getting cancelled without any realistic replacement *while* I was at Meadowhall. Luckily a hotel in Sheffield I'd stayed at a few times before had some spare rooms available for the night, so I at least managed to get a decent bed for the night complete with heating - pretty essential as the year turns cold.

Overall it has been a really fun adventure though, sometimes these things happen and you just got to make the best of it. For now, I'm currently on the train back to Notts!
Platform 6A of Sheffield train station.